Contest Rules

The basic rules for playing most M & M Broadcasters, Ltd. contest are:  You must be 18 or older to play and you or a member of your household, can only win once every 30 days.  All calls are recorded for possible on-air playback.  Other General Rules may apply.  See below.  Please be aware that prizes are intended for the personal use of the contest winner.  Attempt to sell the prize or otherwise profit from the sale of a free prize may be considered fraudulent and could disqualify the winner from future contests on M & M Broadcasters, Ltd. properties.


  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. The number of listeners who enter determines the odds of winning prizes.
  3. Prizes may be claimed at the studios located in the M & M Broadcasters, Ltd Complex at 5501 Bagby Avenue, in Waco, Texas. Cash prizes are available after 2 pm on the Thursday following the award date.  If prizes are not claimed within 30 days, the winner forfeits the prize.
  4. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd. Is not responsible for any prizes lost by third-party mail carriers or delivery services.
  5. Prize winners must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. Other age restrictions may apply. See specific contest posts for details.
  6. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd may also choose to award other amounts of cash or prizes at its sole discretion.
  7. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd and its designee(s) may use names and likenesses of promotion winners for promotional purposes without other compensation to sponsor or the promotion winners.
  8. Winners are limited to one daily contest per day and may win each contest once every thirty days. Major Quarterly Contests are limited to one winner per household during the run of the contest. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes. Actual delivery of some awards or prizes may be delayed for processing and bookkeeping purposes, or other unforeseen reasons.
  9. All phone calls to M & M Broadcasters, Ltd may be recorded-for possible playback on the air.
  10. Employees, agents, successors, assignees of M & M Broadcasters, Ltd, and other contest sponsors, their advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this promotion and other media companies, as well as family and household members of same, shall be ineligible to participate and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein. The parties acknowledge that neither M & M Broadcasters, Ltd nor its sponsoring entities are liable for reimbursement of any prizes otherwise payable to the promotion contestants and who are in violation of the provisions set forth in this document.
  11. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd reserves the right to make changes in the contest format procedures, or rules, or terminate any contest at any time. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd assumes no responsibility for printing errors. M & M Broadcasters, Ltd makes no warranties or guarantees associated with prizes supplied by participating sponsors.
  12. All decisions of M & M Broadcasters, Ltd. are final.

Questions may be made in writing to:

M & M Broadcasters, Ltd
5501 Bagby Avenue
Waco, TX   76711