Pistol Annies’ Ashley Monroe celebrates the completion of her chemotherapy treatment


Solo artist and Pistol Annies member Ashley Monroe has officially undergone her last chemotherapy treatment for a rare blood cancer. This past summer, Monroe revealed that she had been diagnosed with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia (WM), also known as lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. When sharing news about the serious diagnosis, Monroe let fans know that she would subsequently be undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Monroe started her treatments immediately after her diagnosis, and had her last round on chemo on Wednesday, Dec. 15.  Monroe shared the news on social media in a 15 second video shared on social media, where she rings a cowbell to signal the end of her treatment plan. “Ring a ling a ling a ding dong ding… My last chemo is done! Merry Christmas everyone,” she writes alongside the clip. “Thank you for praying for me . I felt them more than you know. I’ve never been more thankful. Ready to come back like never before in 2022!”

In music news, Monroe — along with her Pistol Annies bandmates Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley — recently released their first Christmas album Hell of a Holiday .  They also recently performed a special “Pistol Annies Hell of a Holiday Special” hosted by Blair Garner and broadcast on the group’s Facebook page. The performance helped raise funds for the Music Health Alliance.

Ashley Monroe Celebrates Completion of Chemotherapy Treatments

Editorial credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com